Tommy and Jay became friends in 2000 during two-a-day practices for their High School Football team (Southern High) in Southern Anne Arundel County. After High School, they went their separate ways but remained friends.  They have come home to Anne Arundel County to share their passion for BBQ and community.

Meet the Team

Meet the staff that was able to bring this dream to life.

loony bin bbq

Tommy Passamente

Tommy Passemante brings a wealth of experience in the BBQ world. Acting as an ambassador for the Traeger Wood Fire Grill company for the past 5 years. Tommy’s experience, knowledge, and likability has brought him success and distinction in the world of competition and craft BBQ. Tommy got serious about creating world-class BBQ in 2015 when he took an unpaid apprenticeship at the world famous Bam Bam’s BBQ in Orem Utah. During his time at Bam Bam’s Tommy had the unique opportunity to study under Pitboss Cameron Treu. While no Pitboss worth his smoke will ever divulge all their secrets, Cameron gave Tommy the foundation to what he has turned into truly world-class craft BBQ.

loony bin bbq

Jay Davis

Jay Davis brings 13 years of hospitality management to the team. He has opened over 20 full-service restaurants including nine in just three years, in the now booming Capitol Hill neighborhood of Barracks Row in Washington DC. Jay has worked every position possible in a restaurant setting, but found his real calling in management. Jay has managed a staff of over 200 while overseeing as many as nine profitable restaurant locations at one time. Jay is no stranger to wearing many different hats. He is just as comfortable working on the hot food line during a busy push as he is digging into a profit and loss statement.

4 Core Pillars

1. People

We strive to deliver a “US” first hospitality experience.  We serve what we love and treat people the way we want to be treated. The Loony Bin BBQ Company is very much an extension of “US”. 


We care about where our products come from.  We know the farms, and those who work on them.  We care about their success. With their success in mind we use our craft to care for their products. And to turn them into a delicious final product we both can be proud of.  From the farm to the plate.

3. Passion

Good BBQ is a labor of love. It is intended to bring people together. From trimming and seasoning, to lighting and maintaining the fire. Passion is the most critical ingredient.

4. Humility

We are only human, we will make mistakes. We use them as learning opportunities that will only make us smarter and stronger in the future.

Next Steps...

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